So much to do….yet I still manage to find free time! :P

Do not even think about believing the title of my post!
Well….for the precise reason that the only way I manage to find free time is by being lazy and not really doing everything that I am supposed to do! Does that stop me from not being lazy, well never!
The point is that my calendar is marked daily from morning to evening, scheduled from the second I wake up to the moment I fall asleep.

  • 06:30 am : Wake up
  • 07:00 am : Swimming
  • 08:30 am : Breakfast
  • etc
  • etc
  • 11:30 pm : Sleep

It makes me feel like a machine! But then again I have this amazing secret I’d love to tell you! I agree to the fact that I am always late but then again I’m never in a hurry!

My secret is to not panic! Never again…no…
Not even when you have the meanest test or the scariest interview!



Because you are never too late!

Life is a roller coaster, and if you just speed up the ride and panic you’re going to be nausea’s and might even puke. Just saying! Why not make the ride a happy, smooth one? After all you’re not participating in Olympics. When things are rough, then they are meant to be rough…the harder you try to race through the bump the more ‘amazingly’ you feel it. Go slow and the bump doesn’t really hurt that much!
Supposedly you have grasped the fact I am trying to sell here that the first point in life is to go slow and not rush! Then I am not going to blabber and move on to the next point!

Whenever you are late you get a VIP treatment. Kidding!

Well…when or if you are actually late, it isn’t really a crime! If you rush to reach on time you might just get killed on the way. Realize that! If you do not die, then again you are indefinitely late so the point of rushing is rendered useless. More so, you can learn to come up with great excuses!

If that explanation sucked, here this one out!

If you are efficient in what you do then even being late won’t matter! Wondering how to be efficient? Then let me tell you, the best way to become efficient is to be yourself! Be confident and do what you do best! Give in your 100% , I mean it! Think different, think of ways of doing a thing in ways no one can think of! Love what you do and don’t be afraid to burn the midnight oil for it! Because, trust me, it will be worth the effort!

Overlook your calendar at times! This one is tough to do, pending work comes to haunt you later at night! But every time it does think about all the happy moments you spent while neglecting it! At the time you die…you so are not going to worry about all the work you managed to complete on time! It doesn’t happen like that.

For the love of God, live yes, stop existing!

I am late like always, I manage to kill time more than anyone else, I forget to make important phone calls, I shift deadlines and I practically never submit a single assignment on time but then again nothing I just mentioned stops my life!

It never does come to an abrupt halt just because I took a few hours off my heart-wrenching schedule. I just did the thing I was born to do…to live!

More than half the people alive will disagree to everything I said, but I have an explanation. Things get done somehow or the other, why worry so much about them? They give you fame, money, family etc etc but don’t they swipe away your peace of mind?

Life is a beautiful journey and more than half the people run after destinations that they might never reach. Life isn’t about living one day exactly like the last, life is far more complex. This complexity of life makes it just that more interesting.

take a break;
live again, some how, someday!

It won’t take much,
it won’t last long
but when it does
it leaves memories all round!!!


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Passwords, WhatsApp, Twitter etc

watsapp********** come again?

I forgot my password again! How brilliant! Anyways I click on the typical ” Forgotten password” icon and change my password again, thankfully I do remember the password of the id I made all my accounts for! Think of it…how many passwords do we actually have to remember?

An id with a loved ones name acting as the password that we made when we were young: Can’t delete them, cherished memories you see…but the hitting of adulthood made us realize the id name is just a tad bit silly.


An official id: well you really can’t ignore it! The boss looks at you and bam “new id” !

well then

The Facebook id that needs you to type a password, if you remember it or are smart enough to chose the same as your original id’s password! I tell you dude…you are a genius! Unlike me 😛

Oh yes

Those sweet little tweets…that id has a password too! There we go again!

Not to forget

WordPress has one too…and other amazingly awesome websites!!

Basically half of my brain (lets face it, if I say your brain, you’ll right out deny it!) is busy remembering passwords, well also cause I’m( May be we’re) lazy enough to write them down! And then again you can’t really copy paste them…or can you?

Then ta da…We have the ten digits phone numbers!!!

Saving everyone’s numbers…the phone does it all, but what about your own number?

You save it under : “me” ” mine”

and every time someone asks you for your number: “Hey just a second! Lemme see first!”

So not happening! Thus you remember your phone numbers and if you are a frequent number changer like me…man you’re screwed!

Oh my lovely’s… WhatsApp, Bbm, Voxer, WeChat and the list will go on increasing..I trust app designers!

See we’re incapable of asking all our friends to just use one of them, probably forgot a moral lesson, the one that talks about greed!( Well I forgot! Know what I mean!)

So bing! and other sounds are usually indicated by humans hurriedly searching for something, bending their heads, looking at something that lights up and then changing facial expressions! A pathetic set of expressions at times. (From a non humans perspective)

So much of the blabbering!

Ans soooo much of the passwords, phone numbers, twitter, fb, WhatsApp, Voxer etc etc

Lets take a break! Lets not decide to go into a boycott, rather lets tell ourselves that these things are technologies! Why let them rule you? Why limit your brain activity to petty things all the time? Why not remove those years of cookies and passwords…delete all of them out! For a change!
Lets make one password that works for all..

Lets not change numbers so frequently, or keep more than one numbers! 😛

Lets minimize the fb, twitter and WhatsApp time, go out and actually meet people…

Lets not just change…Lets evolve!

And btw

Lets say HI

just once pathetically live!


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An India that sees feels and forgets!

What difference does it make to us if another human being gets raped? What difference?
Blame the government: check.
Blame the authorities: check.
Blame lack of security: check.
Protest: check.
Tweet: check.
Update Facebook status: obviously check!

THE RESULT: 572 rape cases reported last year in the capital and 635 rape cases in 2012.If the situation is this in the capital, what must be in the rural areas? Remember July 2012? A Guwhati girl was molested by a group of 20 men and this week 6 men raped a girl and brutally hit her and her friend.
Who cares right? These are just numbers….These are just our fellow human beings…getting raped! What’s the big deal, right?
Stop, before you start typing protests.
This is what it is…the real fact. We protest and we make status updates. End of story!
We did what we could!
How pathetically easy to prove that we are the group of people that care!

Ask yourself what you have done to make a difference. Have you by any chance stopped a sexual harassment from taking place? The men that committed these crimes, would they have done what they did if their own family member’s were involved? I doubt that. It’s mentality. A thing that people learn from their own homes. They are not aliens. They are people of the same country that we live in. They have no respect for woman, no love for their fellow human beings. Woman for them are sexual objects, that are stared at by men, are subjected to gestures that are vulgar, ‘accidently’ touched by obnoxious men, commented on, molested and raped!
Sounds familiar?
Our problem is not that we don’t feel, our problem is that we don’t really give a damn! Because it is not us involved. When a girl is commented on, she ignores the men and moves on. Why? Because she knows that if she says a word, if she even tries to protest, no person present there will support her. NO ONE! She shuts up because she knows that later on people will question her instead of those men. She might face an acid throwing attempt, or molestation, or rape! Where is the protest then? When it is actually needed? Why react later, and not when it is needed the most.
The authorities do not do anything because we don’t stand up together to make them work. The fire in us is bright we do protest but that fire soon dies out into ashes and the cause loses its strength, its effectiveness.
We may have done what little we could do, but our duty doesn’t stop there. Next time a woman is commented on, stand up; force others to stand up with you. If a girl is bombarded by vulgar comments on fb, take a second tell those people to shut up, help the girl in getting their accounts blocked. Broaden your vision; remember “India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters.” Believe in this line; stop blaming the government or the police officials because it is your duty to clean your home of its dirt. Educate those that fail to respect their country, their nation, and their fellow humans. Stop what is wrong. Make a difference, a single step by you will change
the lives of many. Stop the blames, update your status or not, protest or don’t protest but the next time you have to act, where you have to take a state, do not falter. Stand up for what is right; the path may be tough but it will change the scenario that we have today.
It is our responsibility to safeguard our city, our nation. Till then people take every step to protect yourself…and hope that it isn’t you next.

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